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Partnering with Liberty Mutual Innovation means access to valuable assets.


Liberty Mutual Insurance is a Fortune 100 company with over $39B in revenue and a presence in over 30 countries


Potential direct investment from our strategic venture capital fund


Expertise from veteran employees in HR, Finance, IT, insurance, and other areas

Solaria Labs

Our WeWork space in Boston operates like a startup, dedicated to generating disruptive ideas and turning those ideas into products


We have multiple teams exploring and driving specialized innovation.

Consumer Markets

We are a top-five personal insurer in the U.S. , meeting the safety and security needs of individuals and families. Current areas of focus include connected home, the sharing economy, and next generation vehicles.

Strategic Ventures

We support the personal insurance focus on innovation. The fund invests in early-stage companies with disruptive hardware, software, and business models.


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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Innovation is the innovation hub of Liberty Mutual Insurance, integrating several initiatives and business teams, including Consumer Markets, Information Technology, and Strategic Ventures.

Liberty Mutual Insurance helps people preserve and protect what they earn, build, own and cherish. As a global organization, and Fortune 100 company, Liberty Mutual has a strong history of partnering with businesses, the government and private organizations to support our customers and improve the world in which we live.