Information Technology

We're committed to being a world-class innovation leader, delivering best-in-class customer experiences and exceptional opportunities to our employees and partners.

Our culture

of innovation focuses on human-centered design, experimentation and quick learning.

Our employees

are our best bet for finding opportunities big and small and are rewarded for their discovery and creativity.

Our partners

include open source communities with whom we collaborate to reimagine our customers’ experience.

Our Innovation Pipeline

delivers desirable products and services that constantly improve the connection we have with our customers.

  • “The culture of innovation at Liberty Mutual makes me feel like I can leave a permanent mark for the good.”
  • We believe that the most effective innovation comes from building upon each other’s ideas.
  • Our people are our heart, and their passion is at the center of every software experience we create.
  • “Creativity and a clear dedication to innovation in an amazing atmosphere.”
  • We value uniqueness and share creative ideas that push forward human-centered design.

Our more than 4,500 IT professionals around the globe are developing innovative solutions to help people lead safer more secure lives every day.

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